Accordion Keyboard Service

We service what we sell and provide warranty service for Ketron, Orla, SEM, Yorkville, Yamaha and Roland as well as repairs on all brands of keyboards, accordions and amplifiers. I have been repairing all kinds of audio electronics for over 35 years. I specialize in accordion, organ keyboard repairs and vintage tube guitar amplifiers including Marshall and Fender.

Yes I can install midi in your accordion. I have a custom midi system designed for accordions that I build into the unit. I can also retrofit older organ keyboards. I use magnetic sensors which I install under the keyboard of which I am the only one to do so. Doing it this way means that I can install a midi system on any accordion irregardless of space or room issues. I also can install Music Tech midi kits which can have a control panel which mounts on the front grill panel.

Yes I can install a microphone system. We have brand name microphone kits such as Applied Mic Technology, Music Tech and Accordion International Mic 7 or I can custom fit a design of my own for any accordion. We can do aluminum welding to fix any broken key stems or shutters. We can replace key tops. We can have the belows rebuilt. We can replace belows corners and re-tape small worn areas. We can replace grill cloth. We have new shoulder straps, belows straps and left hand straps. There is not much that I cant repair on your accordion and do a good job on it. I've been repairing accordions since 1979.

Yes I can properly tune and refurbish most accordions. I was tutored by Leon Zukowski who was a master tuner for Accordion International for 20 years. I tune reeds the old school way, using files and scratch pawls. I don't use a grinder which ruins the heat temper. Once a reed has been cupped out by a grinder it changes where the reed bends and changes how soon the reed reacts. Don't let anyone do this to your accordion. The only accordion reeds you will see a grinder used on are Chinese accordions. I have new reed stock and used high quality reed stock and can replace any broken reeds. I can refurbish entire reed blocks if needed.

John Gaunt, Leon and his wife Lee Zukowski

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